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Boynton Beach 120 Million Dollar Town Square project

Boynton Beach 120 Million Dollar Town Square project

The city of Boynton Beach released new renderings of it’s 120 Million Dollar Town Square Project since its final approval on March 13.

The Boynton Beach 120 Million Dollar Town Square project–which is a private and public partnership–will build a brand new fire station, an off-site police headquarters, a library and City Hall in a four-story building, an amphitheater, parking garages, apartments, retail space, and a hotel. It will also turn the historic high school into a cultural center with a 500-seat auditorium and restaurant space.

How will the Boynton Beach 120 Million Dollar Town Square project boost the economy in Boynton Beach?

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Three new renderings show a modern design for the fire station, the police headquarters and the four story building for the City Hall and library.

A rendering of Boynton Beach’s new fire station (Boynton Beach 120 Million Dollar Town Square project)

Boynton Beach 120 Million Dollar Town Square project is about four blocks off Boynton Beach Boulevard east of Interstate 95. It stretches from Boynton Beach Boulevard south to Southeast Second Avenue and from Seacrest Boulevard east to Northeast First Street.

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The new police station will be at High Ridge Road and Gateway Boulevard next to Fire Station 5, which is the city’s emergency operations center. The station will be two stories and 58,000 square feet.

A rendering of the new off-site Boynton Beach Police headquarters (Boynton Beach 120 Million Dollar Town Square project)

As the city prepares to break ground on the project, city departments have already moved out of its current buildings and relocated to temporary ones. Public meetings will now be held at the Intracoastal Park Clubhouse on 2240 N. Federal Highway starting Sept. 4.

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City department relocations:

Boynton Beach City Library:

–relocated at 115 N./ Federal Highway

Customer Service:
–relocated at 209 N. Seacrest Blvd.


–relocating to 3301 Quantum Blvd. on Sept. 4

Police Records/Internal Affairs:

–relocating to 209 N. Seacrest Blvd. on Sept. 24

Project at a glance:

The historic high school/Boynton Beach Cultural Center: Square feet:28,402 Purpose:Recreation and civic functions; 500-seat auditorium; 500 square feet of restaurant space; rental for private functions and potential cafe Price:$11,068,818 Completion: November 2018
The City Center Square feet:109,255 Purpose: City Hall and the library; 3,600 square feet of business incubator space; 5,000-square-foot cafe, lobby, meeting space Price:$26,980,747 Completion:September 2019
Fire Station 1: Square feet: 11,235 Price:$4,804,693 Completion: July 2019
Police headquarters: Square feet: 58,234 Price: $19,203,175 Completion: November 2019
District Energy Plant: Size: 2,700 tons Purpose:Supplies chilled water to all buildings Price:$11,500,000 Completion: February 2019
Parking garage spaces: Size: Two parking garages with a total of 1,909 spaces. Of those, 465 will be for city and public use. The cost is the city paying for those spaces. The remainder of the spaces is for private development. Price:$10,284,618 Completion:July 2019 and October 2019


Boynton Beach 120 Million Dollar Town Square project should boost the Boynton Beach economy!



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